Naples Botanical Garden

Master Plan

Naples, FL

Multiple master plans, spanning decades and championed by various directors and planning teams, have been prepared for the nascent gardens in Naples. The final master plan that culminated in the design and opening of the Naples Botanical Garden in 2009, was led by Cindy Tyler while at Marshall.Tyler.Rausch. and Brian Holley, the Garden’s present director.

The story of “Plants and People of the 26th Parallel” organized the Garden into regions of the world that shared plant biomes with that of Naples.  This focus narrowed to broaden the appeal to a wider range of visitors, and the brand became: “The Colors of Paradise.”  Signature gardens, such as the Brazilian Garden, Caribbean Garden and Asian Garden, tell the ethno-botanic stories of these cultures through colorful display and inspirational design.  Other important aspects of the master plan conserve fragile and disappearing Floridian ecosystems, and visitors are invited to explore the natural beauty of upland habitat and wetland pockets upon miles of interpretive trails and boardwalks.


  • Dyehouse Comeriato Architects
  • WisonMiller

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