The Hanging Gardens of Trout River,
Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Full service DESIGN

Jacksonville, FL

The Hanging Gardens of Trout River Plaza is the major welcoming threshold for the future Trout River Gardens, a succinct botanical garden nestled within the fabric of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Terra prepared the master plan for the entire Zoo and Gardens, and led the design team for the Hanging Gardens.

The Plaza marks the spot where visitors gather their first view of Trout River. A fluid wall cloaked in climbing vines and mist encircles the Gardens. The water theme continues through an interactive bronze spill bowl, where a proud anhinga celebrates its catch of mullet fish in the center of the plaza. Exquisite pebble mosaic paving at the fountain’s feet tells the story of the animals that make the river their home. Through a stunning composition of vine-clad columns and overhead urns dripping with bloom and foliage, the Hanging Gardens accomplishes its goal of displaying horticulture in ways most have never seen. The Gardens is a favorite spot for daytime visitors to dwell and replenish their energy. By night, the Gardens hosts many celebratory events.


  • Wayne Chabre
  • MetaMosaics
  • Powell and Hinkle Engineering
  • Rink Design

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