Asian Bamboo Garden,
Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


Jacksonville, FL

Terra prepared the master plan for the botanical gardens at the Zoo, which designated a themed pocket garden as a preview for the future Asian animal exhibits. More than a forecourt for the animals, the Asian Bamboo Garden was destined to become a contemporary garden that resonates with the historic philosophies and aesthetics common to people across all Asian cultures. Considering that Asian culture spans the globe from the Philippines to the mountains of Tibet, this was a daunting prospect!

Our storyteller and guide was Ji Cheng, a Chinese garden designer who documented his 15th century design philosophies in a book called Yuan Ye (Craft of Gardens). His book teaches that gardens foster a sense of spiritual unity with all things in nature, and the Asian Bamboo Garden aspires to follow that premise. Lotus and bamboo are the Garden’s hosts, ever-present and aiming to please. Water is also an essential tool in inspiring unity with nature, and the Gardens feature a large pond at its core, with several smaller sources feeding this central feature. To bring the Gardens into the present-day, the pavilion is traditional in its detailing yet contemporary in its form as witnessed by the chartreuse moon bridge!


  • CLR
  • George J. Leverett, P.E.
  • MetaMosaics
  • TTV Architect, Inc.
  • Powell and Hinkle Engineering

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