Romantic Gardens

Full Service Design

Denver, CO

The Romantic Gardens answered the call in the master plan for an anchoring series of formal garden galleries in the southeastern corner of Denver Botanic Gardens.  Located adjacent to a future event building, the Romantic Gardens were destined to offer a celebratory air for wedding guests and garden strollers alike.

A custom-designed arts and craft gate beckons visitors to explore the Waterway Garden, which is inspired by the work of Mexican architect, Luis Barragan.  Purity of form and striking color combinations are featured here.  Ten-foot tall stucco and tiled walls define a striking azure canal and complement a rigid row of columnar trees seated in a geometric groundcover pattern.  Visitors move next to the Romantic Courtyard, where stucco walls continue to enclose the gardens.  Two welcoming pavilions flank the space, and colorful perennials are chosen to attract butterflies while annual displays change each year.  The last and largest gallery within the Romantic Gardens is the Fragrance Garden.  Here, hard lines in the landscape soften and transform into curvilinear seat walls that encircle a small lily pool.  The central lawn area is edged with scented bloom and foliage.

Careful detailing and material selection have allowed the Romantic Gardens to gracefully endure fifteen years of Denver’s weather extremes and high volumes of visitor traffic, with great success.


  • Morgan Associates/Architects

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