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Oakland Campus

Master Plan and Site Design

Pittsburgh, PA

The Oakland campus is home to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History, and it is perhaps the most well-known of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh’s three campuses.  Iconic architecture, unparalleled collections, and the energy drawn from neighboring cultural, recreational and academic giants all combine to compel 300,000 visitors to explore the museums each year.  However, the museum grounds are in disrepair, underutilized and do nothing to extend the Museum’s message to the curb.

Enter Terra Design Studios.  We are in the process of helping the Museums re-envision their grounds to, in some instances, “comb their hair” and in others, “let their hair down!”  The site master plan will create a strategy that encourages the landscape to earn its keep, either by providing outdoor learning environments, increasing earned income potential, or clarifying and improving wayfinding techniques.  To that end, we will be working with Museum curators in the design of an outdoor interactive public sculpture installation as a preview to the much-honored Carnegie International 2013.


  •  Carnegie International 2013 Curators

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