Children's Garden

Full Service Design

Atlanta, GA

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Garden was the first of its kind in the country. Opened in September 1999, it is an interactive garden designed to promote wellness through a better understanding of the role plants play in our health.  In kids’ language, this translates to, “Plants help us Live, Laugh and Learn.”

There are three zones within this one-acre garden:  Live, Laugh and Learn; Plant Use Timeline, and Healthy Earth, Healthy You.  The first zone allows kids to release energy and laughter through interactive play in a flower shower, caterpillar maze and Peter Rabbit-themed garden.  The “Plant Use Timeline’ guides youngsters through eras in history that resonate with them, so galleries include Dinosaur Days, Indian Times, Grandmother’s Garden and Plants of Today.  The last zone, “Healthy Earth, Healthy You” brings home the message that without a healthy environment, we cannot thrive.  This gallery introduces them to a pollination meadow and demonstration beehive, waterfall and frog pond and the grandmother and grandfather red oak trees in the woodlands.


  • Hardin Construction
  • Robert and Company

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